We care not only about the good name of our law office, but also about a positive growth of Slovak society, to which we contribute by increasing the level of ethics, integrity, transparency and by upholding moral principles and values. We follow our ethical principles, which are based on the idea of showing, that we are not indifferent to some things:

  • we strictly follow the binding legal regulations as well as the acts of Slovak Bar Association;
  • we retain integrity and independence and refuse provision of services, which would prohibit us
    from speaking openly and critically or force us to do moral compromises;
  • we show respect to clients, honor their will, unless it is in conflict with the law, and creatively and
    effectively use all legal resources for provision of the best defense of rights and interests of the client;
  • we conclude only fair, understandable and clear contracts;
  • we adhere to mutually agreed contractual terms and deadlines of payments, as we expect from others;
  • we try to minimize redundant administrative operations, however we require observance of formal
    proprieties, which are unavoidable and vital for proper management of the clients’ agenda and our
  • we ensure an appropriate internal control of financial and human resources; pertaining to this we
    perform internal monitoring and continuously (with constructive self-criticism) evaluate our activities;
  • we create open, fair and professional work environment with informal atmosphere.

Consequently we are familiar with the idea of Corporate Social Responsibility. In order to fulfill this corporate philanthropy, we perform pro bono activities and corporate volunteering. This includes pro bono legal services to certain projects, voluntary participation in the organization of sport events and contributions to charitable purposes.