Notifications, invoicing

Where certain methods of remuneration allow it and it is possible and purposeful, based on request of the client we provide a regular notification of the state of provided legal services and volume of spent hours. We also notify the client on reaching a certain limit (e.g. 85 % of the set volume of hours) in all types of lump sum remuneration. Provision of additional legal services will be set on a hold (except for urgent acts) until an explicit instruction from the client, unless individually agreed otherwise.

We are also able to provide this information online, i.e. if the client is interested, he can be updated not only on the current state of the matter at hand but also of expected costs.
In both cases the data is of a preliminary nature only and shall be subject to write-offs – exclusion of ineffectively spent hours – before invoicing. The information is finalized and an invoice is issued once a month (generally after the end of the month).

We advise the clients that the billing (especially when there is hourly rates remuneration agreed) reflects all activities executed in connection with the respective agenda, i.e. it includes telephone, written and personal communication with the client or third parties.