The judges consider the amendment to the Constitution violating sovereignty of justice

On its session of 10 June 2014, Plenum of the Supreme Court of the Slovak Republic expressed a fundamental disapproval of the Constitutional Act, adopted on 04 June 2014, introducing changes of the Constitution significantly interfering with the judicial power. The amendment is to be effective on 01 September 2014 and, upon the resolution of the Supreme Court, it is among other in conflict with international standards of sovereignty, effectiveness and responsibility of judges as well as principles of legally consistent state.

The judges reproach the amendment mainly for deprivation of their criminal immunity, examination of judicial competence of all judges (based on materials from the National Security Authority) and financial sanctions for their decisive activities, promoting imbalance between the components of individual state authorities.

Sources (in Slovak language only):

Constitutional Act – 04 June 2014
Resolution of the Supreme Court – 10 June 2014