Wealth management

We elaborate property analyses and strategies of its protection for our clients, and that both, for private and business sphere.

In the area of private wealth analysis, clients are interested in distribution of property between natural persons (most often relatives) and companies, or planning its administration, admission thereto and securing a family for case of death, long-lasting disease or other unexpected life situations, can fully rely on us.

We prepare tailored motivation partnership structures for entrepreneurs on both, equity and salary partnership level. We provide assistance in creation of concern structures, within the scope of which we set internal relations (including among connected persons), at both, vertical and horizontal level. We try to create a functional and, most importantly, satisfactory system of circulation of legal and economic documents and mutually controllable communication flows within a group. Having in mind this aim, we also elaborate common system of internal directives and archiving and offer expert consulting in its implementation.

As a standard part of our solutions, we consider also an international aspect (choice of most convenient tax domicile and jurisdiction outside the Slovak Republic, administration and regime of property (e.g. in a form of trusts or foundations), which is located abroad, or consideration of other obligations and circumstances resulting to the client resp. persons designated by him from foreign legal regulations), and also more complicated family relationships, provided that it is necessary, desired or simply purposeful for a set-up of own or other relationships.