Legal representation before civil courts

A qualified legal representation before civil courts of the Slovak Republic of all instances, as well as the Constitutional court, is a standard part of our legal practice.

In case the solution of a dispute by court proves as unavoidable, we are ready to elaborate all kinds of court filings (actions, statements, preliminary orders, motions for issuance of decisions in shortened proceedings, ordinary and extraordinary remedies) and cover court proceedings from the organizational and technical side. While doing so, we guarantee efficient conduct of court proceedings including acts aimed at prevention of court delays (complaints, urgencies, prejudice objections etc.) as well as acts leading to reconciliation.


When providing legal services we focus primarily on the result, being the client’s satisfaction. We are aware of the fact that in case of a conflict of interests a dialogue is one of most effective solutions leading to its achievement. Therefore, leading of negotiations in two or more sided relationships of any kind (including collective bargaining) forms important part of our practice. We know that success is based on a set-up off proper strategy and negotiation tactics, taking into account particularities of the opposite party and circumstances of the case, its time and financial aspects, using individual phases of negotiations. Considering long-year experience of the lawyers of DT LEGAL, we can conclude that the identification of mutual interests of both parties and proposal of creative solutions for controversial interests are key in the process of reverting a dispute and satisfying the client with no necessity to solve the issue via court.


Arbitration is becoming more and more popular among alternatives of disputes resolution; it starts with a proper elaboration of arbitration contracts or arbitration clauses and of course with the choice of a proper arbitration court.We provide our clients with a legal representation before arbitration courts in the Slovak and English languages according to the choice of legislation (including preliminary consideration of materials for proceedings before arbitration court, authority of arbitration court and fulfilment of conditions for initiation of arbitration proceedings), which includes also elaboration of all kinds of filings (including actions, motions for issuance of preliminary orders, replies, statements, memoranda, objections etc.), processing of documentary and other evidence (and its translation), organizational coverage of processing of expert opinions and witness statements and interpreters. As a part of our services we also advise on a choice of particular arbitrator, arrangement of organizational side of proceedings and set-up of procedural strategy along with final management of recognition and execution of an arbitration award.