Labour law

We consider proper set-up of the system of employment contracts, agreements on performance of works outside employment, management contracts and other internal relations within employers’ enterprise to be one of key pillars of its due operation. Besides its improvement and accommodation to individual clients’ needs, we offer the added value of legal consulting on issue of remuneration of employees and management, elaboration and set-up of option plans, benefit programs and internal directives (e.g. in the area of monitoring of employees, control of alcohol use at workplace, safety and health at work, personal data protection).

We also offer our clients comprehensive legal consulting in termination of labour relations, including in dissolution of an enterprise or collective redundancy, the issue of transfer of rights and obligations from labour relations in case of transfer of an enterprise or its part and legal representation in litigations on invalid termination of employment relationships, salary compensations, damage compensations, breach of competitive clauses etc.