Commercial and corporate law

Corporate agenda

We offer our clients comprehensive legal services in establishment of all types of the Slovak and European companies, as well as founding of their organizational branches, starting with a consideration of client’s individual business and investment intentions and elaboration of the proposal of the most appropriate legal form of enterprise and business plan, continuing with complete registration with the respective authorities. Regular organization of general meetings, meetings of boards of directors, supervisory boards and other companies’ bodies, including preparation of agenda, drawing-up minutes and decisions from meetings, form an inseparable part of the package of our services.
Within the so called corporate governance we elaborate partnership agreements for equities and salary partnership and, based on individual cognizance of the client’s company, we also set conditions of transfer of business shares, remuneration of partners, agreements on CALL and PUT options, or possibilities to exit from a company. We also engage in adjustment and commenting of contractual relationships (including management contracts and contracts on execution of function of executive/member of board of directors/member of supervisory board) in the company.

M&A and acquisitions and joint venture

DT LEGAL provides a legal coverage for all types of mergers of business partners, regardless of whether they choose permanent or temporary cooperation. Partner’s Due Diligence, verification of a history, ownership structures, corporate documentation, existing and past projects, financial conditions etc. form an inseparable part of most of the transactions.
We process the legal agenda in the so called tailored way, i.e. on behalf of a client we solve all legal and legal-technical issues connected with the most appropriate set-up of a transaction, payment terms, guarantees etc. Complex elaboration of transactional documentation, respectively its commenting, related/connected corporate changes and fulfilment of obligations towards public administration bodies are a part thereof.

Securities law

The lawyers of our office have wide experience in advising on issuance and choice of suitable form of shares when establishing a joint-stock company, issuance of interim certificates, bonds, promissory notes, cheques and other securities. We provide legal services with a focus on transfers, changes of forms, shapes and on registrations of emissions of securities pursuant to the Act on securities and investment services and other acts.Elaboration and commenting of sales contracts, contracts on provision of transfer of securities and contracts on establishment of a lien to securities form an inseparable part of our services. We provide our clients with assistance on promissory notes (coacceptation of promissory notes, enforcing of rights of a promissory note by protest etc.) as well as cheque operations.